Why We Need to Change Education

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  • Published: February 11, 2012
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The world we live in today is changing everyday in so many ways that we cannot even comprehend. This affects the world we live in, the country, the city or town and our communities. There biggest change is the technological gadgets, toys, games, phones, and computers. “People in society have access to powerful pieces of technology and compare that to 20 years ago it was just science fiction.” (Barnes, 2011, Pg.21) We know that technology has taken over and in the future it will have a big effect on today’s children’s lives however what good is it, if they do not have the other necessary skills in life – motivation, challenge, personal and social development skills and there are several more skills they will need. In an ever changing world it is only important that we combine in-class teaching with learning outside the classroom. “They enjoy the richness of their learning – not just learning different things, but learning in many different ways: out-of-doors, through play, in small groups, through art, music and sport, from each other.” (Excellence and Enjoyment, 2003, Pg.9) This establishes that children are at an age where they learn in different ways and by going out of the class it benefits them. Children can learn different things by a broad curriculum which helps shape their future. A curriculum with a wide range of subjects and not just focusing on hierarchy areas like numeracy and literacy creates an Innovation and creativity in the lives of children. “Primary education is about children experiencing the joy of discovery, solving problems, being creative in writing, art, music, developing their self confidence as learners and maturing socially and emotionally.” (Excellence and Enjoyment, 2003, Pg.4) Children like “new things and creativity”, (Excellence and Enjoyment, 2003, Pg.4) Children can learn more through, “The uses of places other than the classroom for teaching and learning.” (Learning Outside the Classroom, 2006, Pg.1) New things and creativity...
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