Why We Hate the Smart Kids

Topics: High school, College, Revenge of the Nerds Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Shamyra Jones
Vejea Jennings
English 097
March 23, 2013

Why Do We Hate The Smart Kids?
My initial reaction to Grant Penrod essay was flabbergasting because even thou I am not in high school anymore I could look back and remember how all the jocks did get more recognition then the nerds. In my days at school the nerds were the smart people or the teacher’s pet. According to Grant Penrod, “Social stereotypes began to emerge as early as high school.”(Grant. Chapter 57 Pg. 692) I agree with Grant because I remember when I was in the 10th grade walking with my friend Amber. we would always hang out in the quad area because that’s where all the popular kids hung out until one day we asked each other, “ Why don’t we ever hang out in the back?.” So we were heading down to the back of the school, and as eyes took in the scenery Amber whispered, “We can’t stay here.” We knew we couldn’t stay because everyone in the back was “nerds” or Geeks” and we didn’t want to be perceived as any one of those titles so we scurried to the quad again. But you have to ask yourself,” If teenagers judge the smart kids, then how does society judge other groups?” But being Invisible follows you into adulthood it does not end in high school because if someone was to invent something new and helpful and it became a success a very few people would know who invented the item, and that’s because the name of the person is not gloried as much as the creation. “Ignoring intellectuals both in both in school and later on in life crushes its victims.” (Grant .Chapter 57 pg. 694) When I was younger my parents always scolded at me, “you have to get an education, and if you don’t you will be jobless and out on the streets!” And I would always reply back, “Then why do alot of football players and majority of the actors do and didn’t even finish high school. Why do they make more than people who actually graduated college?” That question is always in the back of my mind. “ Why do people who...
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