Why We Forget

Topics: Hippocampus, Memory processes, Long-term memory Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Why we forget?

We always forget, we forget in the examination after we study hard, we forget to bring our pocket…etc.

Talk about the phenomenon of forgotten, we need to talk about the speed of forget and the reason of forgotten. The earliest used forgotten to do scientific researchers is Hermann Ebbinhaus. In 1885, he published the series of memory and forgetting research, which used himself as the research object. The research materials were some nonsense-syllable, each syllable of consonants, vowels, consonants uppercase letters of the alphabet to form, such as NIQ, POZ, and HAR…etc. These nonsense-syllable are not affect by the before personal learning experience. He tried to remember 420 groups nonsense-syllable, then he recalled these materials, results in remember nonsense syllables the case is as follows: after 20 minutes he remembered near 60 percent; after 60 minutes he remembered around 45 percent; within 9 hours to 31days, he could remembered 38 to 25 percent. Learning this material, within the first hour we would lose our memory of the nonsense-syllable very fast, after the first hour, the speed of forgotten would slow down. Later, there are psychologists found that, if remember the meaningful material, such as: poetry, prose, and in less than one hour after the end of scholars, it will not be forgotten so fast (Postman, 1985). That’s mean; the meaningful materials are harder to forget than the nonsense materials. Forgotten, there are six main reasons: Decay theory; Interference; coding improper; lack of clues to extract long-term memory; motivation amnesia and factors of the body. Decay theory proposes that memory fades due to the mere passage of time. Information is therefore less available for later retrieval as time passes and memory, as well as memory strength, wears away. When we learn something new, a neurochemical “memory trace” is created. However, over time this trace slowly disintegrates. The reason that cause to forget, is you stop...
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