Why We Fight, War comes to America: Movie Review

Topics: World War II, United States, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The film Why We Fight: War comes to America tells of how America entered the Second World War. In entering the war the film argues the reason why the United States entered the war was not only to defend democracy but, to defend the constitution and what it stands life, liberty, and freedom. The bias is shown throughout as the film progresses from the beginning of who we are and our fight against tyranny and between the multiple laws congress pass and rescind throughout the war and finally the film shows the tyranny of the three axis powers.

The film begins by recounting American history of whom we are and where did we come from. Thirteen colonies fighting for freedom and liberty against the tyrannical rules of Britain the film argue since the beginning of America we have always fought against tyranny and have always fought for freedom and liberty. As stated in the beginning of the video were America is not fighting just for a country but, for an idea and without the idea there would be no country. The film goes on how the first settlers that came to America came to search for freedom and to face unknown dangers rather to bow down to tyranny. From there the film states we as Americans grew up a colony of free citizens and that in that throughout the years we have overcome challenges against liberty and freedom. Towards the end of the film the films points out one of the reason why Americans would enter the war is they the Americans knows how it feels to be suppress by a tyrannical and their sympathy towards the conquered countries whose freedom and liberty has been taken from them.

One of film biggest argument is the fact that the American citizens wanted to or willing to go to war if it came down to it. The film attempts to show correlation between public opinion and the different laws congress passed throughout the war. In the beginning of the film shows different world events and how the Americans would react with the initial being the Neutrality Act...
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