Why We Fight

Topics: Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq, War on Terrorism Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Why We Fight

Wars are sometimes necessary to maintain and preserve our American values, way of life, liberty, and freedom. Most wars have been to preserve these American values, but some wars seem to have been fought other reasons. As American’s we fight to spread liberty and democracy. Our nation wants to prevent terrorism from happening in the United States.

Our government fights wars because it is familiar. It is what we know as a nation. Throughout history, we have fought wars well being well equipped and well trained having a large military. History keeps repeating itself—war after war after war.

We as a nation do not strive for an existence of non-violence, non-fighting, no war. We don’t stand by or stand for the principle-peace. We surrender to violence, fighting, letting war win. We don’t stand by peace, teach peace to future generations or strive for it by avoiding war or finding other solutions.

We as a nation are stubborn. We give in too soon to the idea of war. It is easy to start a war. It is easy to take part in a war. It is easy to stay in a war and let it linger.
Our nation is limited by its inability to use our words to problem solve, to negotiate, and to cope at the level needed to maintain peace and avoid war.
Peace begins within our own families, our own lives, our communities, our schools, our place of work, the choices we make each day, the words we choose to use, the actions we take each day.

We teach war to future generations, war after war after war. How many people can say they lived during a time when there wasn’t a war. It is something we know within our own families, someone in our family history has fought in a war.

Our nation can say wars are fought to support liberty and justice for all, democracy, freedom, but these words and war don’t seem to go together. We have to kill and be killed to achieve this. We have to wipe out another country, another way of life to do this,--so much for...
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