Why We Fight

Topics: World War II, United States, 2003 invasion of Iraq Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Oliver Elder Elder
POLS 110

Why We Fight

I believe that Americans feel the need to fight in order to spread their democracy and what they consider freedom. Americans invade other countries, get involved with their affairs, and in the end try to install their own form of government. For example: in Iraq, America invaded under the thought that they had W.M.D. and a threat the world. When in reality America sold them most of their weapons America took out Saddam Hussein and tried to rebuild the country in a way America saw fit. American democracy was forced upon the society.

America fights in order to make money and the rich become richer. When the US is involved in a conflict more jobs are created at home in order to support the conflict. For example: in WWI America was in the “Great Depression” and what brought the economy back was the war time efforts. Jobs were created, money was made, the rich got richer and America started down the road of becoming the next “world super power.” By the end of WWII America had established its place in the world as a “super power.” The cold war began and the war industrial complex was born. The government used scare tactics in order to make the public believe that they were at a constant state of threat. The American government makes the people believe they need to be ready at all times to go to war. In turn we have had the biggest defense budget in the world. America Polices the world in order to keep its dominance. America has been involved with foreign affairs every year since the end of WWII. They have had troops on the ground, bombed countries, toppled governments, completed top secret missions and gone to war all in order to police and keep our dominance known throughout the world. Without the dominance America could be considered weak and would loos its place as “the world leader super power.” Another country would step up and become the new order. Americans have been raised...
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