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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Photography Fia 221
Prof. Russo
Wee gee
I selected this photo because it’s so unique, when I look at this photo; it makes me think of a sunny bright happy day. When kids are outside having fun and then suddenly the fire hydrant turned up and water started coming out, then the kids ran into the water and were happy. The photography captured the moment and decided to take the picture because he visualized how it was going to look after taking it. This photo illustrates all of this. I love the black and white background, its displays the increases contrast added. I think the dark contrast of the houses at the back best fits this kind of picture. I can tell that it was a very hot sunny day, and the kids excitement towards the cold water coming out from the fire hydrant on them, The water splash coming from the fire hydrant was shoot with a faster speed in the camera, because the camera captured the moment when the water splashes up to the kids. Excellently displayed against the soft-focus background. Nicely balance composition with the light increase contrast of the fire hydrant water. The body position of the children is in perfect focus. What I like mostly about the picture is the moment the photographer captured, I love that the kids were able to connect their excitement to the fire hydrant water splashing on them on a sunny day that explains the reason why the children were happy. If I were to improve or change anything, I would had a little more contrast on the floor and the outfits the children were wearing because it seems a little bright with the water on the ground and the splash on the air. If it was a little darker it would have been better and the brightness of the water will brighten up. This picture is really beautiful and it has a lot of potential.
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