Why We Can't Wait

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  • Published : July 29, 2008
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Martin Luther King, Jr.

(“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed”)

1.Summary on :

The foreword by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Story about a racially segregated city Alabama, Birmingham, in 1963, which led to a Campaign launched by King and Civil right movement in order to achieve civil rights and equality for African Americans.


Poor Boys in Harlem living in an environment surrounded by garbage, drunkards, and jobless people and attend a school with lots of Puerto Ricans. A Girl in Birmingham living in a shark mother died and hadn’t the ambulance came late to rush her to the all Negro hospital she would be alive. Dads a porter have no promotions. The two are left wondering why misery haunts the Negro.

Chapter 1: The Negro revolution.

It was a summer 1963 when social climate of American life erupted, Americans third revolution; the Negro revolution had be gun. It was a need for justice as a Negro couldn’t take the 300 years of humiliation, abuse and deprivation. But why did the revolution happen in 1963.The reasons for the Negroes followed:

1. Slow paced school desegregation
In 1954 the high court delivered a decree calling desegregation on schools with quickest speed possible. But 9 years later only 9% were in integrated schools.

High court approved pupil replacement law which permitted the states where school children may be placed by virtue of their family background, special ability and other subjective criteria

2. Underestimation of the civil rights issue by President Kennedy Kennedy put into his campaign that civil rights would tackle but never did when he came into office.

3. Insipiration from the motherland a
30 years ago only three independent countries in Africa but in 1963 more than 34 countries had risen from colonial bondage

4.100 yrs since the imancipation with no plight
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