Why We Believe That the Bible Is Inspired of God?

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Why we believe that the bible is inspired of god?
1-One reason is because the bible itself says that it is from god, in 2 Tim 3:16 it goes on to say “All scriptures is inspired of god and beneficial for teaching, for reproving for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, that the man of god may be fully competent completely equipped for every good work.” 2- But some might say man wrote the bible so how can it possibly be inspired by god? We being bible trained we understand that this was made possible by means of Jehovah using some 40 humans as secretaries over a period of 16 centuries to record it, but god himself actively directed the writing by his spirit. Thus it is inspired by god. 3-Even with the points given so far how can we be sure the bible has not been changed? It’s said that no Ancient book is so well attested as the bible. In the number of ancient manuscripts attesting a writing, and in the number of years that had elapsed between the original and the attesting manuscripts, the bible enjoys a decided advantage over classical writings those of Homer, Plato, and others….Altogether classical manuscripts are but a handful compared with biblical. The definition for this word attest means: to bear witness, accurate, and to give proof of evidence. But it is true that some translations of the bible adhere more closely to what is in the original languages than others do. we also see modern paraphrase bibles have taken liberties that at times alter the original meaning and some translators have allowed personal beliefs to color their renderings. But these weaknesses can be identified by comparison of a variety of translations.

4-Another point that gives attest to evidents of inspiration is that the bible is filled with prophecies reflecting detail knowledge of the future; something impossible for humans.

When we look at the prophecy in (Luke 19:41-44, 21:20, 21) Read the scripture
This prophecy was spoken in 33 C.E.
We see...
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