Why We Are Different

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One Day I Will Be Organized

There is twenty four hour in a day and in order to be successful depends on the way ones can manage this twenty four hour. Managing time would help to get over the feeling that there is no enough time to get things done, and would help to reduce the stress one could feel when can't accomplish things on time. Also having a good schedule would make it easier to focus on the hobbies and never get distracted by unimportant things. Being unorganized person is one of the problems that I suffer in my life. I always feel so much lazy to make a good schedule for myself even after trying to make one I can't follow it. I might follow it for only 2, 3 days or even one week, but after that I go back to my ordinary daily unorganized life and again I tell myself, "One day I will be organized." I was never taught before how to organize my time. And I always give priority to unimportant things and leave the most important one. One of the effects of being unorganized is that I always feel overload with work so I become anxious and frustrated and end up doing nothing. Feeling stuffed with a lot of work like, household and collage words, beside my family that wants me to spend time with them and my friends who always asking me to give them some of my time, which me myself could not control it. All these matters made me live under a huge stress. Therefore, I start thinking of accomplishing things fast just to have some peace in mind. While in reality that leads me to feel more stress and get work done imperfect. My living space is not organized according to any specific manners. Being unorganized made me live in a mess. Therefore, I find it difficult to find any of my belongings. I would put anything in my hand anywhere and then it would take me hours to figure out where I put it. And sometimes I would hide something in a place where no one can reach in order to keep it save and I would end up being unable to find it because I can't remember where...
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