Why We Are All Roman

Topics: Money, Tax, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The world as we know it today would not be the same if it was not for the influential powers of an ancient civilization; the Romans. Many customary habits of society around us have come from this persuasive force; currency, trade, and tax just being a few examples. Without these advances, made by our predecessors, society could exponentially different. The processes of trade and taxation could be changed entirely as well as currency being essentially nonexistent.

Currency had its beginnings around the end of the third century B.C., with the start of production of gold coins. Later silver and bronze joined the coin system, replacing the long standing barter system that was used before. This barter system had been used for centuries with cattle being the main means of trade. Pecunia, the Roman word for money being derived from the Roman word pecus meaning cattle. Later as more and more money was being made markings and engravings were added to the coins to raise and lower their value. Now, almost all means of currency can be traced back to these roots; paper money, copper, and other cheaper metals eventually replacing the traditional gold, silver, and bronze. The more money that was distributed the more trade increased; sea routes were made, more roads were created as Rome traded within its own expanding empire and also with China and India. As time went on farmers - who once just made whatever they needed when they needed it- began creating an abundance of food. This allowed other people the ability to work in other occupations such as a craftsman, metal-smith and potter. More people than ever were now able to buy and sell indulgent items for themselves and their families. This also allowed the new currency system to grow alongside it. Merchants began traveling from village to village, while shops opened in town squares, a distinction between classes also originating in the process. As more and more people settled and climbed the social ladder; taxation of...
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