Why Water Is Precious

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  • Published: December 18, 2012
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I. Thematic Statement:
For most North Americans, water is as available as air. Turn the faucet on and there it is. Most of us have not had to go without water for more than a few hours, and generally the most effort we put into purifying our water is running it through a Brita filter. We are blessed with fresh water every day of our lives. But what would happen if one day we woke up and nothing came out of the faucet? Is it even possible? If seventy percent of the earth is water, will we ever run out of the water so vital to our lives? Yes, because only three percent of that water is fresh water. Just because today we turn the faucet on and an endless amount of water comes out does not mean there is an endless amount of fresh water on the earth. And it doesn't mean that everyone is as blessed as we in North America are. There are people in many countries all over the world and even in our own country that struggle daily to find ample amounts of fresh water. Until we realize that there is not an endless amount of fresh water on the earth, until we realize how desperately we need water to survive, we will go on using water wastefully and without a second thought as to what we are really letting run down the drain. Water preservation is a big problem, one that cannot be solved by one person. But by having a certain attitude about our use of water we can start to solve the problem. The main goal in this unit is to present information and provide opportunities that will instill an attitude in our students that recognizes a problem and says, "I can solve this problem by having an contagious passion about saving water. 1 can take it with me and share with others what 1 have learned."

II. Biblical perspective:
The waste and disuse of water is just one more piece of evidence of sin in our world and us. God gave us water as part of his creation for our pleasure and survival. We can see this when we look at all the ways we use and need water. Yet sin instilled an...
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