Why Was There a Revolution in Russia in 1905

Topics: Russia, Russian Empire, Russian Revolution Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Why was there a revolution in Russia in 1905?
The 1905 revolution happened for many reasons and so a combination of factors will best explain this question. However the most important reason was the tsar and his ignorant beliefs and attitudes towards Russia. The Russo-Japanese war was a major factor in starting the revolution in 1905, the whole purpose of the war was to try and stop the thoughts of rebellion by getting the Russian people to rally for their country, however when Russia lost the Russian people lost faith in their country and their tsar because he embarrassed their country and put them in a huge national crisis. Russia’s defeat displayed the government’s incompetence which excited the social unrest that the war was supposed to stop. It also showed people incompetence of the Tsar who’s most important and essential job was to show his command of his army. Enthusiasm was the first reaction to this war, giving the country something to take its mind off, stop the rioting and focus on the winning. However, as soon as it became clear that Russia was losing for the first time to an Asian power, the people declared unrest and resumed, stronger than ever the strikes and demand for reform. Russia’s ignorance on world issues was showed and clearly laid for the people of Russia to see. The loss of the war, representing the only hope allowed the revolution of 1905 to take place, forming a large number of strikes, constant pressure on the government and the demand for reform. Russia in the 19th and 20th century faced economic collapses along with inflation which would test the nation’s and the people’s patience towards coming sufferings. The increasing population of Russia outlined a new milestone for the empire. A population increase demanded more from the economy and required a higher order of thought to please the entire nation. However, Russia and the Tsar were not ready for such expansion in population and backward views on society only provided another...
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