Why Was the Us Afraid of Ussr

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Why was the United States afraid of the Soviet Union after WWII? Why was the Soviet Union afraid of the United States and Western Europe?

When World II ended it brought about a period of mistrust and uneasiness between the United States and the Soviet Union. Communism and democracy were two totally different types of governments which ran the two most powerful countries in the world. These two countries were the US and the USSR. When the Second World War ended it brought about the Cold War.

The Cold War was a war not fought directly but indirectly between the US and the USSR. The United States economy had boosted up during World War II and it was continuing to grow after and would continue for many years. There were enough jobs for almost all Americans and they were all living almost comfortably. When the Second World War was over the United States rose as the most “powerful country in the world” [1]. They were also the only ones to have the atomic bomb. After a few years of being the only country with this power the Soviet Union created and tested an atomic bomb. After that moment it became a race of which country could create the most for protection and intimidation. As an American citizen this is when the Cold War started, with the successful test of the atomic bomb in USSR and uneasiness at its highest.

This was also the same time that communism and democracy began to bump heads. The US stood firmly on the side of democracy while the USSR stood for communism. The US believed that communism would eventually cause the same problems that Fascism did. The US wanted to contain communism to them. The threat of it spreading to other countries and eventually to the US became a fear for many Americans. It also brought about a fear that the enemy was not...
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