Why Was the Roman Arms so Successful

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Why was the Roman army so successful?

The Romans were probably the most successful empire ever. However what made them such a driving force was the power and organization behind the fearsome legions of the Romans. To most people the Roman army just seems like a normal army that you hear about. Well it is much more that that, there are a lot of reasons why they are as successful as they were. Here are some of them: weaponry, equipment, organisation, discipline training and its tactics. Some of the reasons why the Roman army was so successful are to so with their superior weapons and equipment. The weapons include a small dagger called a pugio which was mainly used for use around the camp. Another is the sword also known as a gladius. It was light and short, no more than 15 cm long so soldiers could use it for close hand to hand fighting and stabbing. There was also a spear which was also called a pilum. A Soldier would carry two of them which are just over 2m long. After they were thrown to the enemies they would bend and stick into the opponents shield so they could not use it for protection and it would snap so it could not be thrown back. Also there was the shield (scrotum) which was used to protect most of the body. And finally there is the helmet, also known as the cassis, it is worn on the head. It has cheek plates at the sides to protect them from sword blows and a peak at the back to protect from the enimies coming from behind and also to protect the neck from sunburn because sometimes they are marching all day in hot countries. This helps the roman army to be successful because if they were fighting and they were running around without anything to protect them then they would be easily killed.

The roman army was successful because of the way it was organised. A group of 8 men would be put together and form a group called a tent. 10 tents together would make a century of 80 men. 6 centuries would form together to make a cohort. 10 cohorts...
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