Why Was Josiah Wedgewood so Successful?

Topics: Josiah Wedgwood, Pottery, Thought Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Why was Josiah Wedgewood so successful?

Josiah Wedgewood was famous throughout the world for making pottery. He was successful for many reasons. In this essay I am going to explain why I think he was so successful.
Wedgewood was extremely hard working, for example he made over 100 experiments, recording each one. This must have taken a lot of time and effort just to make one discovery so 100 must have taken a great deal more. Also, Wedgewood invented and developed products: black basalt, thermometer, and pyrometer and learned to add kaolin to glaze pottery to stop it cracking. All of these products are ingenious but to make them from scratch, especially a thermometer is remarkable and it shows a lot of effort. Another point to back up my idea that Wedgewood was hard working is that his knee never fully recovered from small pox but he still used a kick wheel for ten hours a day which must have been incredibly painful. This shows he was hard working because he ignored the pain and carried on working. Wedgewood built his own house and his workers houses next to the factory, this shows he was hard working because he wanted complete dedication to his job and didn’t want to waste any time. A 952-piece dinner service was required in a short amount time and Wedgewood worked day and night to get it finished. Lastly, Wedgewood built a canal so all of his pottery could be shipped off to different places. Wedgewood helped build the canal and then sailed the boat himself to the different locations.

Another reason why Wedgewood was successful was because he had a lot of good advertising ideas. One of these ideas was that he made cheaper copies of really expensive pottery that only the rich people could afford. This advertised his work because lots of the poorer people would want to have what the rich had so lots of people would buy them. A second good advertising idea was that Wedgewood used travelling salesmen to promote and sell his pottery. This gave Wedgewood...
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