Why Was It Important for Romans to Maintain Consitency in Their Art and Architecture

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  • Published : September 9, 2009
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Why it was important for the Roman’s to maintain consistency in their art and architecture.

The Roman’s maintained consistency in their art and architecture to show the wealth of their city to visitors and to the citizens alike. It showed people how lucky they were to be living in such a rich and bountiful city. When structures were built in other cities conquered by the Roman Empire, the Romans flaunted their wealth on their monuments to other citizens to show how rich the Romans were, and that they were better than the other cities. The wealth of the empire also allowed the Romans to be able to invent new materials and new structures, such as the invention of concrete and different types of structures. It also allowed them to be able to not just be able to build structures just for a purpose, but to be able to build them just because “they wanted to” or something such as to commemorate an emperor on his battles, something they may not have been able to do if they didn’t have to wealth and resources. Before the invention of concrete, marble was the main building material for the Romans. They used it of most of their structures. This showed the how wealthy the Roman Empire was, as they would have to excavate the marble from places like Carrara – (of which Carrara Marble comes from, which is used on Trajan’s Column). This was pricey and so the marble was worth a lot. It was a rich material of which was used for its strength and its beauty. To get the most out of the marble, after it was excavated it would also have to be refined and polished to look the best it could, which would have taken time and money as well. Because of the worth of it, it was only to be used on the most important of things. However, the Roman’s thought most of their structures were important enough to invest on using marble on. Another example of the use of marble is on the Ara Pacis. This structure displays the messages of peace and prosperity from Emperor Augustus. The marble used on...
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