Why Violent Video Games Shouldn't Be Banned

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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The movie begins with the family moving in to their new house. Then it shows that Katie from the 1st one some over and she is the wife’s sister. Everything is going good, until one night when they come back, they find that their house has been trashed badly, but nothing is missing. Then the next night things start to happen, like the door opens and shuts by itself and the baby starts crying at night. Then one night the mom and dad go out and the daughter baby sits the baby. She is asleep in the couch, and hears her name. She opens the house door, and it slams on her locking her out. It then shows that the baby gets dragged out of bed. Then next day Micha and Katie some over and it says that this is 6 MONTHS before paranormal activity. Anyways, more weird stuff happens. Towards the end, the dog gets sick (from fighting with the demon) and they take the dog to the vet, and the mom stays home with the baby. She then puts the baby to sleep, and she gets dragged out of the room all the way downstairs and into the basement. It shows that she gets possessed, and that she as weird and **** the next day. She gets possessed and you learn that the demon wants the baby, because Katie’s ancestors had promised to sacrifice the family’s first baby boy for wealth. The mom then attacks the dad when he tries to talk to. And it goes blank and u hears screaming. It shows that they are all in the basement, and somehow they get the demon out of the mom. Then it shows that Katie comes there, and the family is doing fine now, and it is after 4 weeks or so. It then shows Katie leaving it begins with paranormal activity. It then continues after Katie killed Micha in the first one. She goes to her sister’s house and kills the dad and sister. The movie ends with it saying Katie and the baby disappeared and the daughter come back from a school trip and found the dead bodies of her parents after 2 days.
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