Why Ukip Are Bad

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2. They tell huge great enormous lies. And they can't even get those lies straight. Nigel Farage said on Question Time the other night that EU membership cost us £40 million per day. The leaflet I got today suggests £30 million per day. Well, if their estimates on cost can be out by 25% to start with, it calls their credibility into question.

In any event, either figure is complete horse manure. In actual fact, each person in the UK contributes around 18p a day - you couldn't even buy a bag of crisps for that - or £1.29 per week - not even the cost of a latte on the way to work for membership of the EU. 

And what do we get for it? Well, around 3 million jobs directly linked to trade with the EU, hundreds of millions of extra people to sell our products to at no extra cost to start with.

3. They have the nerve to go on about how if we left the EU it would make it easier to deport criminals. These are the same people who oppose measures like the European Arrest Warrant which would make it easier to catch criminals and which has been responsible for bringing around 90 paedophiles to justice. Yes, that's right, 90 paedophiles would have stayed free if UKIP (and the Tories for that matter) had their way. I don't want to have anything to do with parties who want to make it easier for people to enslave women and kids in drugs and prostitution rackests, thanks very much.

4. This leaflet even blames the EU because we are now paying 5 times more for low energy light bulbs - without realising the long term saving because they last for ages and ages and ages.

5. They want to restrict EU citizens coming here to work. Hmmm, so what does that mean for the many more UK citizens who work in EU countries? They would be chucked out and sent back here to fight for an ever decreasing pool of jobs.

6. And if you are thinking that, well, you want to give the main parties a kicking cos of MPs' expenses, don't bother with this lot because of the 12 MEPs voted in last time, one did time for benefit fraud and another has had issues with their expenses. And, more importantly, the UKIP MEPs have consistently voted against openness and transparency with MEP expenses. So, they whinge about how much the EU costs but jump enthusiastically on the expenses gravy train.

Nigel Farage claimed £2m in expenses out of said taxpayers' money and presides over a party three of whose representatives have the worst attendance record of any British MEPs (who together already have the lowest attendance record of any national delegation). Presumably they are all fighting for Britain’s interests remotely from a BBC studio, somewhere.

Ukip is part of the group Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD). The group includes representatives of the Danish People’s Party, the True Finns Party, the Dutch SGP and the infamous Italian Lega Nord – all of them far-right. Nigel Farage is co-President of the group along with Lega Nord’s Francesco Speroni, who described multiple murderer Anders Breivik as someone whose “ideas are in defence of western civilisation."

Farage boasted on The Andrew Marr Show(20 January 2013) that “Ukip is the only UK party to explicitly ban BNP members from joining”. What party, other than a party whose policies are attractive to such organisations, would need to do that?

Christopher Monckton, their Scotland Leader and Head of Policy Unit invited the now-defunct British Freedom Party – an amalgamation of mostly breakaway BNP members led by a former Ukip candidate until January 2013 – to join Ukip: “I would very much like them to come back and join us and we stand together.” Ukip’s excuse for this lapse? Monckton had been away on a tour of the US and was not up to speed with current policy. More recently, however, Farage refused to vote to oppose moves for the European Union to fund the BNP. The founder of the party, Alan Sked, says it has become "extraordinarily right-wing" and is now devoted to "creating a fuss, via Islam and...
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