Why to Dress Nicely

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Essay: „ Is it important to be dressed nicely at all times because you are what you wear?“

Why it is important to dress nicely?
To dress nicely is not the number one on the list of things to care about but it always makes a good impression on other people who can influence your future. It makes you feel more comfortable in general and fashion is a method of self epression. First I will discuss why you need to make a good impression to other people with clothing because they can influence your life. If you dress nicely, for example for a job interview, you will get better jobs offer. Only because you look proper and nice. They take you more seriouse and like to have someone who represents their working place in a good way. This can influence your life and future, and your chances to get a job are much higher. Not only for your job you should dress up, also for your freetime. You never know who you will run into. Maybe you will see the partner of your life? Or maybe you meet Brad Pitt at the supermarket? However, a lot of times people don’t understand how clothing makes them appear to others. Second, it makes you feel more comfortable if you go out and like how you look like and how you are dressed you are more confident and everyone sees that you feel good with yourself than if you go out with comfortable pants and a hoodie. It’s the fact that you feel more proper and clean if you wear nice clothes. They don’t need to be expensive, juts wear the clothes you like. You shouldn’t only dress up for special events or paries- parties aren’t the only time to celebrate! Third- fashion is a method of self expression. We should always remember that clothes don’t define a person. I know plenty of people who dress dull but are full of personality. However, I think clothes can help to express what you feel like and that what you wear is the ultimate way of portraying to the world who you are, its not the only way of course, but it gives people a visual impression of you...
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