Why the Velvet Underground Are Important

Topics: Rock music, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Assignment #3
History of Rock
Rob Pinnock

Kyle Clark
February 18, 2010
Who has had a more lasting influence: Hendrix, Pink Floyd, David Bowie or The Velvet Underground? Kyle Clark 3225155 February 17, 2010
It is hard to say who would have a more lasting influence between Hendrix, Bowie, Pink Floyd and the Velvet Underground; quite frankly they are completely separate musical forces and it’s more likely to say that the combination of all of them has had the most profound impact on rock music. Each artist is like a little piece of the pie that shaped where rock was going and each had something to offer. If I had to pick an artist that in my mind had a more lasting influence though, I would have to say The Velvet Underground. The Velvet Underground was like the American version of Pink Floyd. Just like Pink Floyd they were using projections, pictures and music together to the make the concert experience something more. This of course was with the help of art genius Andy Warhol, but never the less their performances were like a giant art piece rather than just four guys on stage playing tunes. It is like the Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd were paving the way for more extravagant acts like Bowie to have bigger and better stage shows. So in this sense perhaps both bands have the same lasting influence, they both showed us that concerts can be something far more interesting than we are used to. What really sets t he Velvet Underground apart from Pink Floyd thought is their attitude. It can be said that Pink Floyd is a more recognizable name but I wouldn’t equate this to having a more lasting influence; it just means they may have been more popular over time. What The Velvet Underground did is they took an unusual spin on lyrics which was actually quite taboo at the time. They wrote about the darker side of things, the “nitty gritty” and challenged the standards of what you were allowed to sing about. This is where I think...
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