Why the Roanoke Colony Disappeared

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  • Published : September 14, 2011
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“Land Ho”! In the year of, 117 colonists arrive at the shore of, nowadays, North Carolina (Drye Willie, 2004). On the ship the ship is a pregnant women also known as Eleanor Dare, daughter of John White, and the mother of Virginia Dare; the first English born American child. The Roanoke colony is one of the first American mysteries that no one has yet solved. There are a lot of theories regarding this tragedy. Some say that they drowned, and others say that they merged with the Indians living near by the colonists. Based upon research, the theory that appeared the most logical was that the Indians murdered the colonists. Not only because it’s one of the well-known theories, but also because it seemed probable. The facts that we, the historians, know so far are that all the colonists, their buildings, and personal possessions disappeared. However, the fences were still up. Secondly, the fact that the whole colony disappeared in just 3 years and never came back to the place where they first settled. Last, but not least, the fact that there was a word “Croatoan,” written on a tree (Wayne McDowell, 2002). The theory that the Indians massacred the colony is very valid because “Croatoan,” written on the post definitely seemed as if the colony was in a hurry or even forced, because John White told the colonists that if something happens, they should carve a Maltese cross on a tree; not “Croatoan,” (? 2009). If the colonists were forced out of the area, you can definitely see that Indians came to attack the colonists, and burned down the house. Also, it didn’t seem that they left one by one. If they left one by one they wouldn’t have just written “Croatoan,” on the post, and some of the people would probably still be left there to inform the supply ship where their new location was. According to the source that was found to back up my theory is, “The only clue was the word "Croatoan" carved into a post of the fort and "Cro" carved into a nearby tree. In addition, they...
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