Why the Juvenile Justice System Is Neccesary

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Is The Juvenile Justice System Necessary?

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Juvenile Delinquency, taught by Professor James Boylan Abstract
Over the course of the last couple of decades, violent crime committed by juveniles has been reported in the media frequently. Many people feel the juvenile justice system is not working and should be abolished as a whole. Proponents of the juvenile justice system argue that the juvenile justice system is necessary for the protection of many juveniles entering the criminal justice system. The juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Although rehabilitation is the focal point of the juvenile justice system, punishment is not an obsolete concept within the juvenile justice system. On the other hand the criminal justice system focuses on punishment of the defendants rather offering little rehabilitative options. Through research I have found that in fact the juvenile justice system is necessary in properly rehabilitating juveniles that are not violent, but also punishing violent juveniles. In most cases punishments for adults are not suitable for juveniles because they have a chance to be rehabilitated at a young age.

Is The Juvenile Justice System Necessary?
Some peoples may ask “why do we tread so lightly on punishments when it comes to juveniles? They have broken the law and should be punished in the same manner that adults are!” People against the juvenile justice system believe that all juveniles should be in fact held accountable for their actions in criminal court. This would be devastating for all juveniles who break the law. The juvenile justice system makes it the point to rehabilitate instead of punishing juvenile delinquents.  However, one must take into consideration that punishment is still a feasible concept within the juvenile system, but it is used prudently as a last resort. On the other hand the adult criminal justice system focuses on the detention...
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