Why the Eu Should/or Not to Regulate and Manage the (Co-Operational-) Issues of Internal Security?

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Why the EU should/or not to regulate and manage the (co-operational-) issues of internal security?

The European Union history has lasted for 60 years. The agreed principles (EU treaties), common economic market, single currency zone, the establishment of "Schengen" Area and solidarity policies are proof that "the EU project" was created and developed in different periods, through decades. Today, the EU is quite different from what it was 10 or 20 years ago, let alone from the EU of sixty years ago, which simply confirms that its future will differ as well. The strategic interests of the EU in terms of stability and peace, security and conflict prevention, is the basic postulate of creating the EU in general. The aim of the EU is certainly a compact unit with stable, prosperous and democratic neighbours. This policy contributes more prosperity and growth opportunities, also to increasing connectivity of the transport and energy routes, as well as the reputation of the EU in the world. On the basis of common values and common security interests, the EU can be more efficient in coping with current challenges. Let’s start from the time the Lisbon Treaty entered into force and the beginning of its application (December 1st, 2009). The Lisbon Treaty is referred to here as a major international legal document which marked a period of institutional structuring and development of the EU. Importance of the complex socio-political relations, both in international relations and inside the EU, together with probable consequences of the economic and financial crisis, could have a long-term influence on EU decisions. That means the EU needs to make necessary adjustments in line with the changing conditions in the world. Big parts of the Europeans are able to go about their daily lives in relative safety. At the same time, our societies are facing serious security threats that are growing in scale and sophistication. Many of today's security challenges are cross-border and...
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