Why Teenagers Become Alcoholic and Smokers

Topics: Adolescence, Tobacco smoking, Alcohol Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Good morning everyone. The issues of teenagers having exemplary mentors, and the unproductive practices in which teens sometimes get themselves involved, throughout the ages, have been societal concerns. In my brief three-minute presentation, I will seek to address the particular issues of alcoholism and smoking; practices in with many of society’s teens are currently involved. The questions I will employ to guide this discourse are:

* What are the common factors which influence teenagers to indulge in alcoholism and smoking? * Are there any benefits to gain when teens get involved in alcoholism and smoking? * What can society – what can we do to help teens fight these life threatening practises? Research shows that low socio economic status, having parents who abuse alcohol and/or smoke, peer pressure, the influence of the media, low self esteem, and broken or tainted familial and social relationships are some of the major influential causes of teen alcoholism and smoking. It is proven notion society aid in shaping one’s personality. Adults who interact with teens are often themselves impacted by the challenges of life, and there is a ripple effect as teens observe the behaviour or their adult mentors. The teen years are a period of mixed thoughts and emotions, the period in which value systems are created. If teens are surrounded by individuals or agents who promote the uncontained use of alcohol and tobacco or marijuana, it is likely that they too will be influenced to carry out these practices. Of the influential reasons expressed, I must highlight two, peer pressure and the influence of the media. Research by Mayo Clinic, has shown that teenagers who light the first cigarette, usually take that first light under strong influence of peer pressure. I can remember some of the friends with whom I interacted during my high school tenure. Had I not been strong willed, I could have been an alcoholic today. With the many supermarkets around us, alcohol...
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