Why Teach English to Preschool Children

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  • Published : October 19, 2012
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1. Why teach English to preschool children?
It is easier for children to learn a new language because they are still learning their mother tongue. For them, it is also easy to pronounce new linguistic sounds, and they do not feel bad if they make a mistake. Furthermore, if children enjoy learning a new language at this age, they would remember it for the rest of their lives, and they would find it easier to learn another language when they grow up. What is more, learning a new language (in this case, English) will promote the children to be more open- minded, thus they would tolerate and understand other ways of learning, thinking, and so on. It helps to expand children’s creativity because of the constant comparison between the two languages.

2. Tips for teaching the target language
Since the correct order to teach language skills in English is listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Teachers should focus on the first two language skills, which are listening and speaking. So the teacher has to talk to the children in English therefore, the children will be exposed to the language and hence they will begin to comprehend and get used to the English rhythm. The teacher has to create a language-rich environment. The objects of the classroom should be labeled and if possible, there should be an image added on the label, just for reinforcement. The classroom’s library should be full of bilingual books or books in English. The classroom should be decorated with pictures with words in the target language. Teachers have to guide the children to understand the language that they are being taught. When asking question, students can answer them in their first language, but the teacher has to repeat the given answer in the target language. Repetition is very important while teaching the language; otherwise the children will not have the opportunity to really learn it. It is recommended for teachers not to overload the students with information. For instance, when...
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