Why Taiwanese Women Posponing Marriage

Topics: Childbirth, Woman, Marriage Pages: 4 (1304 words) Published: May 15, 2013
As the world constantly changing, there is no doubt that the role women plays in the society have changed a lot comparing than previously. It is not hard to find out that women are more active in many countries, which leads to a great impact on the whole society in different aspects from social structure to social welfare. According to “The Economist”, August 20th-26th 2011, there are over one-fifth of Taiwanese women in their late 30s are single; most will never marry. Apparently, the great improvement or change in feminism has brought both advantages and disadvantages to the society, which is something that I would like to discuss in this paper. I would especially like to discuss about a common phenomenon that happens among many Taiwanese women nowadays, which are postponing or avoiding marriage and producing children. According to the official statistics, in recent years, Taiwanese women have been postponing their marriage and, after marriage, have avoided producing children, which I believe happens for reasons.

Marriage used to be viewed as the most important thing or as a final target of a woman’s life before, while things are totally different due to a few reasons. I remember I had once read an article about why women postpone or avoid marriage; overall there are three big reasons that contemporary women are more pickier, lazier and busier, comparing to women in older generation. They are picky because they have wider knowledge of this world, hence, consider in more aspects when speaking of marriage; they are lazy because they find it troublesome to manage relationship and they are busy for their career. Based on the claim I saw in the article, I developed several reasons of what I think are the reasons for this phenomenon. First of all, one important factor for this phenomenon is due to the better education women can easily access nowadays. Comparing to 80 years ago, when education is not common and popular, women was taught to becoming a housefrau....
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