Why Students Tend to Slack Off

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Writing Prompt: Why consistently do most students don’t do their assigned work?

The reason why I believe students now a day don’t do their work is because either they’re to busy doing unimportant things or they have other responsibilities that don’t allowed them to finish their work. Some students prefer hanging out with their friends all day after school instead of going home and finish their homework. They leave everything last minute and in the end they just give up and go to sleep. Other students might have other responsibilities that might take time from them and only have time to finish homework at night. For example some students might have to go home right after school and do chores at home, help out their siblings, have after school clubs or sports to attend, or they might have a job. When teachers give a good amount of time to finish a paper or project students tend to wait the last minute to do it or simply not do it. The reason why we procrastinate with school work is because we’re not really looking forward to doing it. The longer we procrastinate, the bigger the task seems in our mind. So that makes it more and more difficult to get started because it becomes this huge terrible task that we want to avoid at all costs. This is the reason why I believe students tend not to finish school work because of procrastination. It causes student to become more and more lazy and leads them to not doing the work or continue being like this with future assignments.
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