Why Students Should Have a Four Day School Week

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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By: Lindsey W.

I choose this topic because I think that we, students, deserve to have a four day school week. When we have a five day school week, it is sometimes too stressful for us. Seven hours a day for five days, that’s thirty-five hours of school per week! Plus you sometimes have homework on the weekends. If we had eight hours a day for four days, it wouldn’t seem so hard. A four day school week would be awesome!

Having a four day school week would be great! Using eight hour a day would extend class time, therefore giving students more time to work on homework. Allowing a three day weekend would allow kids to get more sleep. As a result, they will feel more rested and are able to think more clearly during school. If the students are able to think more clearly during school, they will more than likely have a better grade point average. These are just some of the points that I hope to influence you to help make a four day school week possible.

In conclusion, I would like to state that a four day school week wouldn’t make the students dumber, but it would make them smarter. If students have a better grade pint average, they would more than likely get a better scholarship to a good college. When they go to a good college, they will get a good job with a good pay. As soon as they get a good pay, they will have enough money for retirement. If they still have a good amount of money left, he/she won’t have to leave funeral costs to his/her loved ones. As you can see, having a four day school week would grant you and your child a better future.
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