Why Students Fail

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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Lack of Motivation

When I was younger my friends and I failed assignments and we always blamed it on other thing and people. Students fail because of unmotivated students, underfunded schools and their parents don’t support them. Students are becoming less and less motivated. One of the major reasons is that they think the subject is boring but it might not be the student’s fault the teachers can make it boring for them “teachers are so dull students fall asleep in classes (Stossel 1)” Why do teachers make it boring, because they themselves don’t care. If you motivate students they will pay more attention and do better. Underfunded schools contribute to the amount of students failing. When schools don’t have enough money class rooms become over crowded and that means that the teacher can’t take the time to give every student the attention that they may need. Some students are afraid to ask questions I myself used to be one of those students but when I started to fail my math class I needed to ask question but my teacher was swamped by all of her other students so I didn’t ask many questions I know that if I asked more or if the class room was less packed I probably would have passed with something higher then a “C”. When students don’t understand the material they need to ask questions about it but if the teacher has to take the time to do that for a lot of students he or she may not have the time to get to everyone. When parents don’t support their kids school work they loose interest and start to fail. Some parents only know when their kid is failing not how well they are doing. The only time a parent may get involved is when their child complains about their schedule or teachers. I have talked to people who their parents don’t care at all about their school work and even if they fail they don’t care, these students don’t try to reach their higest potential because the parents don’t want to take the time to actually work hard enough to get the best grade...
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