Why Students Drop Out of High School and/or College

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Why Students Drop Out of High School and/or College
Many students choose to drop out of school not considering the effect it will have as life goes on. The more common excuse for dropping out is when a student claims he/she is deciding to take a break from school, which usually results in not going back. Some students decide that a social life is more important than school and begin to live the party life, as if having a good social life were going to pay the bills. Everybody chooses the path for his/her life to take and later experience the consequences of that choice, both good and bad. Each student believes his/her reasoning is appropriate for dropping out of school, and decide to live by the “Only I know what is best for me” thinking. This thinking will only allow a person to develop a history of regrets.

In most cases, “taking a break from school” is the nice way of stating that a person is “dropping out of school.” Some of the more common, truthful reasons for students dropping out of school are: family problems, feeling of being overwhelmed, stress/depression, drug addiction, and lack of self-control. The worst part about a person claiming to take a break from school is that many times a person doesn’t realize he/she is lying to themselves because accepting the reality of dropping out is intense. Often when a person chooses to take a break, the fact that anything could happen is overlooked. When a student doesn’t return back to school it is usually because he/she had a child, got a job thinking it will evolve into a career, and/or come to the conclusion that a social life is more important than an education. This choice has led many families to a life of poverty and getting involved in criminal activity. Also, this decision will prevent someone from getting a career and comfortable finances. Education opens up opportunities in life and prepares many people for life. Is a social life more important than a person’s own life? Many students become devoted...
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