Why Students Cheat

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Cheat sheets, looking at the person paper in front of you, asking friends for answers, and just taking notes in to the exam room are a few ways students cheat. Why? Why is it that students do all of this to cheat in school. I believe that procrastination, lack of understanding and the fear of being a failure are a few reasons that students cheat.

Procrastination is the act of delaying; in activity resulting in something being put off until a time later time. Many students procrastinate on all school work. There always seem to be something more fun or important to do than homework and studying which leads to cheating. When students procrastinate on doing homework it normally leads to copying the answers from someone else right before class and the student doesn’t get the practice required.

When students have an understanding on what’s being discussed in class they are confident that they will do well. I believe that lack of understanding causes students to cheat as well. When students don’t understand the material that is being taught in class the are unsure of the questions and answers being asked in class. Because of this students depend on cheating to get the correct answers. Understanding the topics in school can help out a lot with school work but if students don’t get the help needed to have a better understanding cheating falls into place.

Every students wants to do well in school an no one wants to fail student or not. The fear of failing causes students to cheat. If students fail exams it normally comes with many consequences that students don’t want to face, such as failing a class or punishment from parents. Also, when students fail they may have the fear of letting down their parents down. All students have expectations and if they fail they can not meet them so they cheat to prevent failure.

In conclusion, there maybe many other reasons that students cheat in school. However, if students just took the time to study, do homework, and get the...
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