Why Stay Connected

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Why Stay Connected
To stay connected with people we love, admire or simply want to do business with is not as hard as it seems. Thanks to social media we have the ability to communicate through the social web with just a click of a button. With so much information to share, I believe people use computers everyday for social relationships, functionality, colonization, context and commerce because it provides a user friendly experience that’s inviting and receptive.

In today’s society, social networking has become like an operating system where every experience can be social and user friendly. For most people, the web is a viable tool that is used everyday of the week from the sounding of the alarm clock, until television puts us to sleep. This tool is capable of transporting information through text, audio, video or graphics across the world and can go virtually in an instant to and from anyone with a device and web access. It’s beneficial sharing personalized and accurate content with friends, family or business associates who rely on the web and value staying connected while developing social relationships.

When developing social relationships it’s important to stay open and accessible at all times. Since people can now enjoy connecting with family and friends for free on social sites like Facebook, it allows loved ones from other countries to communicate without incurring expensive phone bills. Sometimes Internet use can cause a decline in face-to face time with families. In the article Successful Farming, A 2009 survey of 2,000 households by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for the Digital Future reveals that 28% of Americans admit that they spend less time with members of their household. During the past decade, Annerberg survey show that shared family time ranged from 22.6 to 29.8 hours per month (Tevis, C. 2009 pg. 61). These statistics coincides with the explosion of social networks. The article also goes on to mention that Facebook’s user base catapulted to 200 million in 2009 from 140 million in 2008. The survey points out that 52% of users say the Internet is “important” or “very important” in sustaining relationships. But how important does the functionality play in business relationships?

When considering the sites purpose for users through Functionality, the function of the site must be fulfilled. When a business positions itself to sell products, the site must be able to describe these items along with a summary about the company. According to the article, Web Site Functionality (Barnes, 2010), it lists three rules of function for companies to have success in selling their products. The first rule is to “be quick and to the point.” Companies shouldn’t subject their visitors to flash and distracting images on the sales page of the site. The goal here is not to loose your visitor before you sell them. The second rule is “think like a visitor, not like yourself.”

This particular strategy helps the visitor to better understand what you are selling because of how simple it is to read and access the product. Simplicity her is the key. The third rule is “assist, don’t constrain.” What this rule is clearly stating is treat your visitors like guess in your house. Show courtesy in the way you respond on your site, if visitors type an invalid quantity field. Instead of saying “Invalid Quantity,” say, “Please enter only whole numbers in Quantity.” This approach helps the visitors relax and feel comfortable, as they will have a better overall experience on the site.

Delta Air Lines is a good example of a company that has taking strides to accommodate their customers without going through the technicalities of booking flights and hectic checking-in’s. According to (NYSE: DAL) Delta was named “Top Tech-Friendly U.S. Airlines” by PCWorld magazine for its airport recharging stations (Technology & Business Journal, 2012). This recognition was based on...
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