Why Sports Are Important to Human Nature

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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Why Sports Are Important To Human Nature
Sports mean a lot to individual people and society alike. Perhaps this is because competition in sports lets us prove that we’re better than someone else. Or perhaps it is because we get to cheer and yell for our team. Sports can bring us comfort in hard times. They can also bring people together who normally wouldn’t associate with one another. This is why I believe sports are important to human nature. Sports are important to human nature because you get to compete. No one is born looking for competition. Part of every human’s nature is being competitive, but I believe that it has to be discovered. Playing or even watching sports can help explore one’s competitive side. Sports teach basic, fundamental competitiveness, which is a key part of human nature. It is essential to survival. You need to compete with other people to get into a good college or to get a good job. Sports teach you how to work hard. It is not part of human nature for most people to want to work hard. You have to put in a lot of time and effort to be good at a sport and it teaches you that preparation and effort are the most important aspect in sports and in life. Sports play a very important role in bringing people comfort. It is human nature to need a source of comfort. We use sports as a crutch in difficult times. We can always lean on sports when something isn’t right and we need a break from the everyday grind. When the world is full of uncertainties, three things that can be certain are football on Sunday, steroids in baseball and the Orioles losing. Sports help bring people together. All people need a feeling of belonging, and sports can bring that. From the Olympics to Major League Baseball to Monday Night Football, sports bring people together as a group. Sports may not win elections, clean our streets, or lower gas prices; what they do is unite everyone involved. It can also help you overcome hurdles caused by human nature. Religion and...
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