Why so Much Litter

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Why So Much Litter|


Litter has been an issue for a long time, per the free dictionary; litter is described as “a disorderly accumulation of products or carelessly discarded refuse. This is especially discouraging because one cannot walk down the street without seeing it, this puts a damper on the mood of the person and most likely with cut short the amount of time once spends outside. Litter has harmful effects on the community as well as the environment. Many different things have been tried trying to get a hand on the litter issue but it still seems to be a big concern. Many are frustrated because they are tax payers and they believe their taxes should help take care of this issue. It seems to be more of a problem in the inner city than in the suburban areas. In this paper I will discuss what the cause of this issue is, why the problem is more intense in the inner city, what have been done to help this issue and what can still be done to try to cut down on this problem. I will discuss the effects this has on the areas and the agencies that are in the front line to deal with this. In the city of New Haven CT litter is a huge issue, more so in the inner city. There are a few guesses as to why this may be. One guess is that in the inner city there are less home owners than in the suburbs. It is fact that many people take more pride in their property if they won it rather than rent. Not to say that people who rent don’t care about where they live, but not as many renters as homeowners take pride. Many renters feel like they are not responsible for the upkeep of the property.

The litter problem does not always come from the people of the neighborhood. Some blame the issues on teenagers that frequent the area and minorities, but in actuality it comes from people walking by dropping trash or riding in cars throwing trash out of the window. Popular items that are littered on the streets are food wrappers from the corner stores as...
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