Why so Many People Eat Junk Food

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Why So Many People Eat Junk Food Lonny
Sometimes people are very curious about why so many enjoy eating junk food even when they already know the detriment of junk food and it's damage for health. Perhaps because of the convenience, junk food tastes delicious or because people finish the working whole day, they are too tired to cook. Also even someone might be too lazy to move a little bit, just clicking mouse and devouring delicious food that is delivered in twenty minutes to his house. Those reasons are not exactly right but superficial. People may be wondering why sometimes they eat a little bit of junk food; suddenly they want a little bit more. They cannot control their hands from putting food in their mouth. Such things are not because people feel that food is good, but because of a series of unconscious actions that happen in human bodies.

People like to eat junk food as a result of genes that they inherited from ancestors. Back 10,000 years ago, when the ancestors ruled these lands, they were living totally different from now. The primitive man could go for days or weeks without eating anything, they were always hungry and starving the majority of the time. The only way they could survive was to eat lots of food at one time with plenty of sugar and fat, also meats. To be sure that they would be alive until the next time of eating, which craving is made by natural selection where those who did not crave it died. Undoubtedly, Junk food is often high in sugar, salt, white flour, and fat, particularly saturated fat. It is often heavily processed and prepackaged, making it easy to prepare and consume. A few examples of foods often considered to be junk food include fast food, sweets such as ice cream, candy, donuts, and prepackaged treats, soda, and potato chips, among many others. Most people have no trouble identifying junk food; it is when they want to stop eating junk food that the trouble starts....
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