Why so Expensive?

Topics: Debt, Education, College Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: February 12, 2011
Why So Expensive?
College is said to be some of the best years of your life. The parties, the freedom, and the new experience help you find new friends, hopefully a career and yourself, but rising college cost are having young adults stressing instead of enjoying the college experience. Every year less and less states are giving their college’s money and more and more students are asking for financial aid or taking out student loans. The more that college tuition continues to rise the more of a financial toll it will take on students family and the more debt students trying to earn degrees will accumulate if we don’t try to find a way to get the state and government to help with college costs.

For public colleges and universities the price of education rose 14.1% more than the year before and for private schools it rose 6%, but is the economy the thing to blame for rising costs (Weston)? Ivy League schools, private schools, and public schools will do about anything to make it on U.S. news and World Reports annual college rankings or other college related programs by spending more money on high-speed internet, bigger and more extravagant dining facilities, new gyms and equipment, and having apartments on campus instead of dorms (Asinof). In the 1990s the stock market and big money donors helped keep college cost reasonable, but since the economy is in a recession money is hard to come by especially for big establishments.

Student loans and financial aid help many students when it comes to paying for college, but there are some people who “make too much” to receive financial aid when in reality they need financial aid just as much as the kid coming from the single parent home with five siblings. Some argue you that there shouldn’t be an income cut off when it comes to giving someone government assistance, but if everyone who needed government assistance received it then the government would have a money problem when it comes to putting students through...
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