Why Smoking Should Be Banned

Topics: Passive smoking, Smoking, Asthma Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Why Smoking Should be Banned

Undoubtedly, there will always be subjects of controversy. One example is whether smoking should be banned or not. Some people completely object to the idea of smoking and think that it should be banned. They believe that the negatives of smoking far outweigh the positives. On the other end of the continuum are the people who think that smoking is an individual’s choice that should not be restricted or banned in any way. Those people who wish to keep smoking legal argue that banning it is infringing on Canadians freedom of choice. Smoking has both negatives and benefits but it should be banned from Canada as the negatives of smoking are far greater than the benefits.

Smoking should be banned because of its high societal cost. Smokers cause financial burdens on the rest of society such as the cost of health care. In Canada the government spends $3 billion dollars each year on smoking related healthcare. In 2002 according to World Bank, tobacco use cost Canadians $4.4 billion directly on healthcare. Alberta Health Services states that “all Canadians are forced to absorb costs such as worker absenteeism, fires, and lost income due to premature death.” It is estimated to cost over 12 billion a year to cover these expenses. These statistics show how largely smokers impose financial burdens on Canadian citizens. Canadians should not have to pay for any of the expenditures listed above as there is a warning on each package of cigarettes about the risks involved with this activity. Smoking should be banned from Canada because of the high societal cost it imposes on Canadian citizens.

Secondly, smoking impacts more than the smoker. It impacts anyone surrounding them. Breathing in second-hand smoke can affect a person the same way it would if that person smoked, though sometime the effects are worse. Some people that have never touched a cigarette in their life die from a smoke related cause. In Canada, second-hand smoke kills over...
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