Why Should I Open Up an Internet Cafe?

Topics: Internet, Internet access, Unemployment Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Assessment Task 3: Presentation Internet Café

After months of planning I have finally come up with an intriguing business venture. Today I will be doing a detailed presentation on my future success business, an internet café. The internet café will feature the height of technology and innovation to make sure clients have access to the connected world at a fairly reasonable price. Unemployment in the area is a cause of growing problems such as crime and poverty. Employees and employers share two ingredients: a job and its price. Some employees do not possess the necessary skills for a business, whilst others are not entirely satisfied with the little compensation received for their skills. As you all know, unemployment is a crucial issue, especially for the youth. Universities play a large part in decreasing unemployment by providing students with the opportunity to further their studies to require necessary skills needed in a workplace. However, payment of further studies is an issue; therefore, further education is not provided for both rich and poor. The potential in setting up an internet café in the South is huge. Internet, computers and other gadgets that go along with it are costly and not many people can afford this. An internet café is a low activity business that utilizes few staff. One of the greatest advantages is the many revenue opportunities such as internet usage and gaming fees and food and drinks. Gaming is the most popular use, closely followed by social networking and other services like scanning etc. Therefore, the demographic is teens to twenties who have minimal education and small new businesses. Looking at establishments which offer internet access as well as factors like opening hours, software, and level of service I ve found two competitors, Comnet and the local library. Comnet has years of experience in the business and offers low prices. The local library provides books as a source of information and photocopying is cheaper....
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