Why Should You Write New York's Resolutions?

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New year is generally a happy time for everyone since it give you hope, motivation and joy. There are quite a few people who make new year resolutions every year. New year resolutions are different for different persons and depend on the nature of the person, his aims, his present situation and many other factors. New year resolutions may be about our current health, career, job, education or marriage etc. Since a lot of people may have already been in the habit of making new year resolutions but a few people might well be wondering the answer to the question that why you should write your new year resolutions?

Well the answer to this particular question is not very complicated. One should write new year resolutions since they keep on motivating and encouraging us throughout the year and it is because of them we continue moving towards our goal. These give us a certain pathway to go along so that we are not diverted from our aims. That is why it is very important to write your new year resolutions.

While the clock shows 12 am on December 31 this year, you must take a paper and your personal diary and write down all your new year resolutions. It will give you a feeling that you have certainly done something at the very first night of the new year and yes indeed, this is your beginning. This is exactly your base line and from there, you have to move on. Try to write your ultimate goal in bold letters or with some colored pen so that it is clearly visible and keeps on motivating you.

What you really should do is your elaborate the goal for you. What I mean by saying this is that just writing down on paper that I have to slim down this year is not good enough. You should rather write that this year, I have to consume balanced diet or this year, I have to walk for 20 minutes on daily basis or whatever your plan is. Discipline and consistency are two key factors which will make sure that you get to fulfill your current new year resolutions. This is the main...
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