Why Should You Go to College?

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Why You Should Go To College?
Everyone should go to college and get a degree. I chose to talk about this because most kids don’t know how important it is to go to college. In college you will learn skills to help you throughout life, no matter what career you want to pursue.

One reason to go to college is to expand your knowledge and skills. To expand your knowledge and skills would help you to be smart and find a good job in the future. Some people say college is too hard for them. Although, all colleges do offer tutoring and student support. In college you’re exposed to different academic subjects, people, and new perspectives to help round you as a person.

Another reason to go to college is to open more job opportunities in the future for you. Most jobs these days are requiring education past high school. People who go to college have more jobs to choose from than those who don’t have an education beyond high school. College can also help you qualify in a field you are interested in. College serves as a gateway to better options and more opportunity.

The final reason to go to college is to earn money to support your self. A person who goes to college usually earns more money than a person who doesn’t. Studies have shown that a person with a college degree will make about 80 percent more than a person with a high school degree. When people ask kids how come there not going to college most say because they cant afford it, but most students get financial aid or scholarships to help pay for college.

For the reasons I just mentioned above people should go to college. A person’s chance of being successful is better when they go to college. The four years you will spend getting a degree can be life changing. College gives you the opportunity to learn more about what’s out there. The time and effort you put into college will be well worth it. A college education can help increase your understanding of the community and the world along with exploring new...
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