Why Should We Respect Difference in Others

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Why Should We Respect Difference in Others

Everyone has a quality that makes them different from other people. If you don’t like or respect other’s qualities, they will do the same to you and you won’t like that. Also, if you don’t like that quality, don’t tell them. Just keep it to yourself and no one gets their feelings hurt. Others can also hate you for your own qualities because no one is perfect especially people that say that they are perfect. some qualities can be the same, but at least one thing has to be different from other people.

There are many ways to try to treat one’s differences with respect. One of those ways is trying not to insult them or make fun of them. For example, they might have a new type of hair and it may look funny, but don’t say it out loud. Another way is to listen to them when they speak. Don’t ignore them when they speak because they could do the same to you. Finally, you could respect them by being sensitive with their feelings. If you see someone crying, help them and discover why they are crying.

Some of the people you really need to respect are your friends and family. Your friends are people that respect you if you treat them well. They can be sensitive to your needs as well as you beings sensitive to their needs. They can stop being your friends if you don’t respect their differences. Your family is the group of people that respect you the most. If you have a different quality than any other of your family members, they can respect you for it and you can respect them for their qualities.

Respecting other’s beliefs is important when we talk about taste. For example: I like apple and you like peach; I like blue cars and you like red cars. We all have different types of likes and dislikes, so we have to respect that because not everyone is the same. Also, we can criticize our own opinions and other’s...
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