Why Should Schools Have Uniforms

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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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Should Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School promote uniforms?

 Uniforms have been incorporated into a lot of school systems all around the world to bring similarities to the school community and to prevent negligence between students. I strongly affirm that Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School in London, Ontario, Canada should promote uniforms to eliminate the differences between rich and poor, compose a better school environment, and to symbolize unity and equality upon students. The first reason to why Banting should promote uniforms is to eliminate the differences between rich and poor. The unfortunate poor student wouldn’t have to be ashamed of what he/she doesn’t own since everyone is dressed up in the same clothes. Also instead of the poor trying to achieve what brands the rich students own like Channel accessories, Lululemon etc…, they would all fit in. There will be no distractions and therefore; it will allow students to concentrate on learning instead of competing in popular fashionable clothing. Finally the rich students won’t have the chance to brag about what fashionable clothes they bought or have but instead they are mutual the poor ones. Essentially, it prevents the rich students from pointing out the poor ones and offending their style. Promoting uniforms in general will initiate the poor’s self-esteem to absolute positivity. Secondly, Banting should promote uniforms to compose a better school environment. There are many styles of clothing, some appropriate for school and others are not. Students and the media pressure us to dress and look a certain way. Some clothing contains logos promoting drugs, alcohol or even violence. Midriff shirts, halters and miniskirts are advertised everywhere. Since students want to fit in and be appealing between students, they want to wear this type of clothing. In most school systems like Banting, however it is not allowed, but students still manage to somehow fracture the dress code and escape the...
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