Why Should Immigrants Be Legal Citizens to America?

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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Illegal immigrants are talked about everywhere from the news to state-wise mayors and government. However though immigrants mostly come to america for freedom and all different opporutunities and also some countries don't allow all the rules americans have . Or they try to get away from violence in their country like drug trafficing or other incidents. Most of illegal immigrants don't even commit crimes, they come with their families for a promising future. If you were a illegal immigrant would'nt you try to come to america and fit in wouldn't you try and give your family a good future for them and get them away from all the violence in their country. If so then you shouldn't be complaining about them coming to america. Illegal immigrants are bashed upon us as a society but they are why this world is corrupted But for my research on this topic most of illegal immigrants come for different reasons such as for the U.S. have many jobs openings for different people but with the touch economic recession it's been harder for americans to get jobs because of immigrants. Another reason they are bashed upon also is that we also have to pay taxes for them while they hop the border for freedom which many americans complain about also for immigrants however it's not like there hurting us verbally or physically like the picture below me can explain why they should be allowed to come to the U.S.

Most cases I've notice is that it's usually mexico that gets bashed for illegals for coming to the U.S not japanese or chinese people however we go to their country and they don't treat us like were hurting their country or making it look bad. So why should we complain about them coming to the U.S and living anywhere they want. In fact most people complain about illegal immigrants being criminals like this quote would pretty much explain about it ''I hear it from some of the nicest people one would ever meet. Some dear friends of mine, whom I respect very much, say that all illegal immigrants are criminals because they broke the laws that control who may come into this country. And since these immigrants are criminals, we don’t want that kind of person here''. Also if ''The American Revolution was fought by men and women who broke the laws of England and of King George III. If they had been arrested, they would have been hanged for treason to the Crown''. If breaking the law makes a person a criminal, then the citizens at the time were all criminals. But no one still believes that as of today.It may be illegal for people to seek freedom and opportunity in this country, but it isn’t immoral. I admire the courage of immigrants who leave all that is familiar to them, risking life and limb on stormy seas and deadly deserts, in order to move to a strange land where everything is unfamiliar and potentially hostile.

I also while doing this report ask people this Suppose you are an employer and you know only one thing about two job applicants in front of you: one is native-born and the other is an immigrant. Whom would you expect to be the harder worker?” Audiences overwhelmingly favor the immigrant. Why? Americans are surely good workers. But the very act of migration is seen as proof of vigor, ambition, determination, and courageous self-reliance. However like I said earlier of why illegal immigrants are bashed there is one part I can agree on however with this question, But what of the immigrant who takes welfare? Isn’t this a burden on society that must be stopped?Yes, it is. But politically powerless newcomers are no more responsible for the welfare system in this country than they are responsible for the tyranny and corruption in the country that they are fleeing. Okay, stop the flow of welfare, but at the same time remove the plethora of (anti-)labor laws that make it difficult for newcomers to be hired.

It is wrong to assume that most immigrants come to America to get on the welfare gravy train. If this were true, then immigrants would...
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