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FH2 HGH Denchland IJ6 MI5 21/09/12 Dear Mr Gatto,

I am writing to you to congratulate you on your speech, which I have found out by coming across it on the internet whilst researching the history of the educational institution. You argue for some good points, yet you also appear to lack foundation at the same time regarding other arguments. From your speech I have identified three consistent themes, the first is that the education and way in which we receive it is completely useless, the second is that it is creating a controlled society and the third is that we must present the children of today with their own free time.

You make a point where you state that what you get out of school and education has none or little importance to after school life. I think that it’s important that I define what I think the definition of “education” is. I believe it should be to show the numerous paths of society to another person and help students fulfil their potential. I first thought that your argument was ridiculous, and that schools really do give children a thorough education, otherwise we would leave these institutions knowing nothing, but this obviously isn’t the case. We leave school knowing what goes on in our bodies so that we have the foundations to become a doctor. Or we leave school knowing how to master our command over the English language so that we have the foundations to become a writer. On thinking more deeply, however, I...
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