Why School Uniforms Are Good

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Amanda Sanchez
November 7, 2012
English 101; Professor Lehman
Essay #3

To fix or not to be fixed

I feel as though there are a vast amount of reasons why school uniforms are necessary. School uniforms provide a professional and judgment-free atmosphere in school. Uniforms allow students to avoid the distractions of street clothing and the necessity of constantly changing dress codes to keep up with evolving fashions. Students have plenty of other creative outlets in school, such as writing, visual arts, music, and theater.  Although it doesn’t give students the chance to individualize there self, in an atmosphere as such there is no need. The only individuality students really need is in their work ethic itself and I think that’s where society goes wrong these days. 

Okay, trends. As far as trends in 2012 I can admit it’s hard to keep up with. Between colored jeans, crop tops, combat boots and more it’s hard I know it because we’ve all been there.  With uniforms it’s much easier to avoid kids taunting each other. I feel as though insecurities and low self-esteem can all play a huge role into why uniforms should stay and be mandatory. Kids have to deal with the thought of what people will think or judge what they’re wearing.  Children will get scared of tomorrow and whatever comments will come. It’s a struggle, and no one wants to face it, sometimes in school you have fears of what people will really have to say to you.  I feel like we’ve all lived it and we should try to avoid it in today’s generation. For arguments sake, lets say that School uniforms do not allow students to express themselves and clothing, fashion, and looks are the only way one can freely express their individuality. Should we be teaching young Americans that materialism, fashion, and wealth are the only important aspects in life?  No, instead of worrying about expressing themselves through fashionable clothing Student should be pursuing art, skills, and hobbies that allow them to...
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