Why School Uniforms

Topics: Education, Full-time, Uniform Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Alexis Gonzalez
Professor Beck
April 22, 2011
English 101
Cause and effect essay

The effect of using a uniforms in school

Using the school’s uniform is an important step, and it will change your student life, and possibly, your adult professional life as a result of it. The purpose of this essay is to highlight three main effects of using a school uniform which are promoting a safe environment in school and developing a responsible behavior, improving your grades and participation in school daily activities, and developing a sense of belonging to a bigger group, the school’s students. Many students are hesitant and even opposed to wear a school uniform because they don’t see the big picture.

The first and most common effect of wearing the school uniform is feeling strange and awkward because the students are used to wear street clothes which they choose in the morning. Wearing a school uniform should not take anything from the student; on the contrary, it should give the students a sense of equality and safe environment, thus preventing teasing, fights, and theft due to envy or bulling. Since all are wearing the same, there should be nothing to steel, mock, or fight about. It does not mean that you will wear it all day long; you will use it during school time and maybe some school related activities if required.

The second effect of wearing the school uniform is, since there is no more mocking, bulling and fights due to expensive designers clothes, you will be able to concentrate more on your studying and participating in class, which will improve your academic performance and grades. You are part of the big picture, fulfilling the purpose of going to school which is learn the academic materials that will prepare you, in the long run, for a profession or career that will make you a useful part of society. The third and most important effect of wearing a school uniform is that it will teach you how to feel one within the group, class, school,...
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