Why School Should Be Shortened

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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School Weeks Should Be Shortened!

Situation: Recently there has been debate on whether or not schools should shorten the school week to four days but with each day being longer.

Why should schools shorten the school week to four days but with each day being longer you ask? Well, not to be rude but that is a no brainer, schools should shorten the week to four days but with longer hours because it will allow for many improvements. They provide many ways for school systems to evolve.

Schools should shorten the school week to four days because it can improve attendance. Shortening the school week to four days can improve attendance, because students know they will have a long enough break so that they can hang out with family and friends more. Also they will be more refreshed when school starts back, so they can wake up early, and not be tired, so they can get where they have to be on time. A shortened school week will promote them to show up early and be on time for class. Students will be grateful for the shortening of the week because they will have more time to recover for the stress of school work, and staying up late to finish homework or projects. So, if the schools weeks are shorten I am positive it will improve attendance. Four day school weeks but with each day being longer should be established because it can improve grades and overall GPAs. Students knowing that their week is shortened will push them to work harder to do better. In order to maintain the 4-day

school weeks they will study harder because they will want to prove to you that, by giving them a four day school week, you have inspired them to do better. They will do better as a reward to you and themselves for finally hearing them out and shortening the school week to four days. Although, shortening school weeks to four days is helpful there are some negative perspectives. Such as a four day school week may cause problems for families that need day care or child care services. Many...
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