Why Safeway Is Better Than Save a Lot

Topics: Brand, Fruit, At Ease Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: March 28, 2012
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There’s no place like Safeway that’s why Safeway is better than Save A Lots Safeway has a fantastic atmosphere were customers feel at ease, the friendly employees always had a smile they face on the other hand Save A Lot had a poor envirment were the shoppers were ignored workers didn’t have a pleasant attitude. I said to myself why have I shop at Save A Lot for so many years? Suddenly, I had an Oprah ,Aha! Moment which came over me, after that day I have not been back to Save A Lot First Safeway has quality luscious fruits the fresh vanishable are so scrumptious I can’t wait to get home to eat them. And endless variety of fresh fruit that never lacks quality that I am lookingfor Save A Lot did not have quality fruits the vanishable were brown and bruised and lacked freshnesss, fruit were always limed I was so happy that I switch stores because of that reason. Secondly Safeway has fresh meat which is top of line ,fresh tender meats also the quality of the the meats at Save A Lot lacked freshness. Most importantly the was not up par: refrozen, freezer burned and discolored. In addition, Safeway quality brand name products that I enjoy such as :Kellogg’s ,Special K and Progresso, just to name a few. Really make me feel good about safeway. Incontrast, I shopped at Save A Lot they lacked brand name products they did not have them in stock. Not only dose safeway have quality prices, but they have every prices. I save fifty dollars at Safeway and when I use my safeway card I always save. Also Safeway I spend only two hundred and forty dollars. Save A Lot the prices are extremely high; I spent over three hundrend dollars Also Safeway has a lot of women with there children, Save A Lot has college studans who think there saving .However Safeway has quality prices great coupons Save A Lot lacked quality prices ,coupons limed ,Safeway is the places for a girl like me who enjoys bargains In...
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