Why Roses Have Thorns?

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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There lived two goddesses named Valentina and her sister Rosa. They both asked their dad Hector “Why roses have thorns?” Their dad said that there was a story called, “Why roses have thorns?”
Their dad started off the story with “Once upon a time there lived two sisters that asked, “Why roses have thorns?” They asked everyone in their village the same question and nobody had the answer for it. Until someone in their village told them that they could go to Sparks and someone there can tell them the answer to their question. So they told the person that told them that “Thank you for your help.” They went to go and find their dad so that they can tell him the news but when they got there he was not at their house where he was suppose to be.

They found their dad up at the top of their hill getting a bucket of water so that they could drink. They told their dad that they were going to sail to Sparks and find someone there that can tell them the answer to their question. All of the gods heard about the two sisters sailing to Sparks they decided that they would help them get there faster if they helped the two sisters. They told their dad that they will need a boat and some crew to help them sail since they have never went sailing before in their life. Their dad got them the strongest boat that he has and the best crew that he has to sail with his two daughters.

The next morning the two sisters set sail. They told their dad that they love him and that they will be home soon to tell him about their journey and about what they told them about their question that they asked around the village. They were waving good bye as the were leaving the dock. When they could not see their people anymore they turned around and watched the sea so they would not hit anything. They told their men that were on their boat that they were going to go and freshen up so that they could eat breakfast. They men asked them, “Can we eat some breakfast too?” The two...
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